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看视频学英语:你想得起来最近读的一本书是什么吗?can you name a book?

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  • Can You Name a Book? (name这个词语可以这样用)
  • According to (这个太经典了)
  • Almost 1 in 4 American has not read a book in the past year.(四分之一;现在完成时:表示动作发生在过去,但与现在有关系)
  • That actually seems high to me.(我觉得高了)
  • To ask pedestrians to name a book.(单词:路人)
  • And here is how that went.(句式how that went)
  • Does… do magazines count?(count算上)
  • No, those wouldn’t be books.(句式would be)
  • I haven’t read a book for like 12 years.(现在完成时)
  • I’m drawing a blank.(大脑一片空白英语怎么说)
  • I am totally blanking out on books.(忘记,想不起来
  • All you have to do is pick up a book.(捡起,拿起,学会,收拾,接送)Children pick up a language naturally. I’ll pick you up at the airport at six. Pick up all the books after you finish reading.
  • Cause when you know how to read, adventures come to you.

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